Embryo Freezing

Embryo vitrification (freezing) can be performed on site at HERC. The process involves breeding the donor mare and timing her flush in order to obtain a 6 day old embryo (morula). The embryo is then processed and frozen in liquid nitrogen where it can be stored, indefinitely. Standard embryo transfer practices allow for 6-8 day embryos to be moved from the donor to the recipient mare, making the timing of flush day with respect to ovulation slightly more lenient. However, only 6 day old embryos survive vitrification, making the timing of the transfer more difficult. Transfer success is also typically lower in vitrified embryos. For these reasons, vitrification is not suggested if traditional embryo transfer is an option.

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2015 Breeding Info

**Final breeding day is tentative

The dates highlighted in Blue are semen collection days for all stallions standing at HERC, please note not all stallions are available for cooled semen shipments. When ordering a semen shipment, please give 24-hour advance notice. All shipment cancellations must be completed by 8am (CST) the day of shipment. FedEx Service is not available on Saturday or Sunday Collection Days.

***Due to show schedule “Not Ruf At All” may not be available for cooled semen shipment, frozen semen will be available. Please give a minimum of 72 hours notice if frozen semen is needed.
***Playgun will be frozen semen only. No cooled semen available. Please give a minimum of 72 hours notice if frozen semen is needed.

2015 Collection Calendar

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